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Unified Future: Puntland and SSC-Khaatumo Aim for Collaborative Era

Tuesday March 12, 2024
By Abdirahman Abdulle

 FILE - Two men, representing the regions of Puntland and Sool, Sanaag, and Cayn (SSC) in Somalia, stand together holding state flags that are tied together, symbolizing a bond of unity and cooperation between the regions



The people of Puntland and SSC-Khaatumo have shared a deep connection built on cultural ties and family bonds. Since Puntland came into being in 1998, the SSC regions have been a critical part of it, holding significant political roles and contributing greatly to its governance. This rich shared history has strengthened their political alliance and brought their communities and people closer, fostering unity and a collective sense of identity.

In the past year, the collaboration between Puntland and SSC-Khaatumo has been a shining example of their strong bond, showing how they can come together to face challenges, including their united front against the Somaliland secessionist forces in the city of LasAnod and SSC regions.

Expressing Congratulations to President Deni and His Re-Election:

In extending heartfelt congratulations to President Deni of Puntland for his re-election, the people of SSC-Khaatumo and Puntland acknowledge with deep appreciation his unwavering commitment during the arduous struggle of SSC people against Somaliland forces in LasAnod from February 2023 to August 25th, 2023. President Deni's leadership emerged, playing a pivotal role in unifying the SSC-Khaatumo and Puntland communities and fortifying the defenses of LasAnod. His stance was not merely political; it was a testament to his unwavering support for the people of SSC-Khaatumo, allowing them the autonomy to shape their future and pursue their ambitions as they deemed fit without Puntland's interference. This act of political solidarity not only empowered the SSC community but also underscored the principles of democracy and self-determination.

While acknowledging that there's always room for improvement, President Deni's dedication has left an indelible mark on the unity between SSC-Khaatumo and Puntland. His leadership exemplifies a commendable stride toward a future characterized by collective resilience and cooperation. The impact of his unwavering support resonates far beyond the period of the struggle, setting a precedent for collaborative governance and unity in the face of challenges. At this pivotal juncture, the demand for President Deni remains paramount, with both regions holding high expectations for President Deni's continued influence and direction.

Minister Elias Osman Lugatoor's Triumph to the Vice Presidency of Puntland:

The election of Minister Elias Osman Lugatoor to the Vice Presidency of Puntland marks a significant milestone. With his extensive experience as the former Minister of Civil Aviation and Airports in Puntland, Minister Lugatoor's strong regional connections underscore a profound commitment to advocating for the interests of the SSC-Khaatumo community. Vice President Elias brings to the fore a unique blend of leadership qualities characterized by elder wisdom, humility, foresight, and a collaborative spirit, strategically positioning him to advance the collective aspirations of Puntland and SSC-Khaatumo.

His leadership goes beyond symbolism, representing a tangible embodiment of meritorious contributions to the cause and aspirations of SSC-Khaatumo. None of the contenders in the January 8th elections were better suited for the vice presidency than him. Through his influential position within Puntland State, Elias has the ability to channel support, resources, and influence towards the realization of the SSC-Khaatumo people's objectives for self-determination. His elevation signifies an individual achievement and recognition of the SSC-Khaatumo cause within the broader political sphere. As SSC-Khaatumo charts its course, Vice President Elias emerges as a pivotal figure, steering with dedication, wisdom, and a commitment to the prosperous future of Puntland and SSC-Khaatumo. The expectations placed on Vice President Elias are immense as he faces the challenges ahead in his pivotal roles within the Puntland and SSC-Khaatumo states. The community holds high hopes for his contributions and leadership in how Puntland and SSC-Khaatumo can be successful states.

Opportunities for Alliances and Coalition Between Puntland and SSC-Khaatumo States:

Amidst the dawn of new leadership in Puntland State and the relatively new leadership of SSC-Khaatumo, a strategic window of opportunity emerges—one that beckons the formation of alliances and coalitions for resource sharing and long-term planning. I ardently recommend that SSC-Khaatumo's leadership take the proactive step of initiating and fostering robust bilateral partnerships with Puntland State.

The existing understanding lays the groundwork for what could potentially become one of the most influential alliances in Somali politics. This collaboration has the transformative potential to infuse the political landscape with not just synergy but also a profound sense of passion. The coming together of Puntland State and SSC-Khaatumo State holds the promise of transcending conventional partnerships, forging a bond that goes beyond political necessities.

Forming these alliances and coalitions represents more than a strategic move; it embodies a shared vision for a future where Puntland State and SSC-Khaatumo stand as powerful beacons of unity, prosperity, and resilience in Somali politics. By seizing this opportune moment, these brotherly states can not only navigate the challenges ahead but also set a precedent for collaborative governance that transcends the ordinary.

President Deni and Leader Firdhiye Can Forge Strategic Collaborations Across Key Sectors:

President Said Abdullahi Deni of Puntland and Leader Abdikhadir Ahmed Aw Ali Firdhiye of SSC-Khaatumo can embark on a pioneering journey of collaboration by initiating a series of strategic partnerships focused on mutual interests of both citizens and regional prosperity including but not limited to strengthening security collaborations, fostering economic prosperity, cultivating knowledge and skills and strengthening governance structures and, most critically, achieving the goal of recognizing SSC-Khaatumo as an independent state. This strategic collaboration is crucial for fostering stability and creating a secure and prosperous relationship between these neighboring entities that face parallel challenges from political adversaries. By focusing on these cooperative endeavors, Presidents Deni and Fridhiye can strengthen the bonds between the fraternal states of Puntland and SSC-Khaatumo and set a positive example for regional leadership and cooperation. 

  1. Strengthening Security Collaborations:

Central to their joint efforts, SSC-Khaatumo and Puntland can form a solid partnership focused on creating a robust defense system. This move recognizes how important it is for both regions to work together for their collective safety. This partnership could mean holding joint military training, sharing important security information, and coordinating their efforts to protect their regions more effectively from the threats of Al-Shabab, ISIS and secessionist Somaliland forces.

This defense cooperation is also crucial for making the people in both areas feel safer and more secure. When citizens see SSC-Khaatumo and Puntland united in defending their interests, it builds trust and confidence in their communities. This joint approach to security makes them stronger against outside threats and helps maintain peace and stability at home.

The defense agreement is a long-term commitment to working together. It lays the groundwork for developing a defense strategy that can adapt to new challenges over time. By combining their strengths, SSC-Khaatumo and Puntland are ensuring a safer future for their people, proving that they are stronger and more prepared for whatever comes their way.

  1. Fostering Economic Prosperity:

This partnership marks a significant step towards boosting the economy through collaboration in trade and commerce between Puntland and SSC-Khaatumo. It revolves around actionable measures:

  • Simplifying trade processes
  • Eliminating unnecessary barriers at regional checkpoints
  • Reducing or abolishing certain taxes for our citizens
  • Facilitating the smoother exchange of goods and services across both regions

These efforts are all aimed at one big goal: making the region a better place for businesses to grow and thrive between the people of the two states. The people of Puntland and SSC-Khaatumo are entrepreneurs and clever business individuals. 

This agreement is also about more than just making a profit in the short term. It's about building a lasting relationship between the two states that benefits everyone involved. This means creating a situation where both states work together, support each other's economic activities, and, as a result, grow stronger together. This pact is committed to fostering economic development that puts LasAnod on the map and becomes a source of shared pride for both states.

  1. Cultivating Knowledge and Skills:

This partnership strongly emphasizes enhancing education by working together to improve the quality and access to education for learners in Puntland and SSC-Khaatumo. It includes, among other things, sharing educational materials and conducting joint research aiming to break through the usual limits of education. The main goal is to raise educational standards in both states, making sure everyone can easily access and benefit from top-notch schools and educational programs in those two states. 

More than just sharing resources, the heart of this collaboration is about creating an environment where education drives positive change in both regions. It recognizes that education does more than help individuals; it's a key factor in advancing the young people as a whole. By combining their knowledge, skills, and resources, the states prepare for a future where education is central to innovation, economic development, and bringing people together. This project is more than an investment in their people; it's a strategic approach to building strong, informed communities ready to face the modern world's challenges effectively. SSC-Khaatumo would benefit significantly from this partnership and resource sharing since it is recovering from an eight-month-long war in LasAnod. 

  1. Strengthening Governance Structures:

This partnership underscores the crucial role of solid governance in shaping a region's future, highlighting a deep commitment to developing robust governance systems. It involves exchanging best practices, implementing comprehensive capacity-building programs, and launching collaborative initiatives to build governance structures designed to endure over time.

For SSC-Khaatumo, which is at the beginning of its journey in institution building, this collaboration offers a valuable chance to learn from Puntland's 25 years of established governance. This opportunity is not just about adopting proven governance practices; it's about creating flexible, responsive institutions that can adapt to the changing needs of their people and environment.

The partnership goes beyond theory to practical application. SSC-Khaatumo, in its formative governance phase, stands to benefit immensely from Puntland's extensive experience. The plan includes a mentorship program where SSC-Khaatumo's parliamentary members and ministry officials can work closely with their Puntland counterparts. This approach allows for exchanging practical knowledge, insights, and experiences, fostering a collaborative environment for pursuing various projects together.

  1. Shared Goals, Different States:

A significant challenge awaits both SSC-Khaatumo and Puntland: the complex process of transitioning SSC-Khaatumo into an independent state. This vital task requires a team of skilled and knowledgeable individuals from both states who can expertly manage the distribution of resources while ensuring the prosperity of both regions. Working with various stakeholders is crucial for maintaining unity throughout this process and ensuring a smooth transition that respects the interests and integrity of both states.

It's essential to recognize and appreciate the efforts of the SSC community in their struggle against external aggression from December 2022 to August 2023. Their hard work and sacrifices should be considered valuable contributions to their collective ambitions and goals. Similarly, the people of Puntland have shown their support and understanding of SSC-Khaatumo's aspirations, and they should be thanked for this. Creating an independent SSC-Khaatumo, with backing from Puntland, is a strategic step reflecting a shared commitment to achieving their long-held ambitions.

Puntland is uniquely positioned to substantially support SSC-Khaatumo in achieving political independence. With its established governance structures, Puntland can provide critical assistance in political, economic, and military areas, helping to build a strong foundation for SSC-Khaatumo's future.

Moreover, Puntland's diplomatic efforts can play a key role in securing recognition, acceptance and support for SSC-Khaatumo on national and international levels. A case in the example is President Deni's invitation to the SSC-Khatumo leader to President Deni's inauguration. By utilizing its diplomatic connections, Puntland can help ensure that SSC-Khaatumo's voice is heard and respected worldwide.

Additionally, Puntland's military resources and strategies could be vital in ensuring the security and defense of the emerging SSC-Khaatumo state. Collaborative military planning and intelligence sharing will be essential to protect SSC-Khaatumo during its early stages, prioritizing stability and peace.

This partnership between Puntland and SSC-Khaatumo goes beyond simple assistance; it's a profound collaboration rooted in shared goals and a commitment to mutual success. Through these joint efforts, Puntland can be crucial in helping SSC-Khaatumo achieve its vision of becoming a fully independent and self-sufficient state.

In Conclusion:

In this article, I delve into potential and strategic initiatives for future partnerships between the fraternal states Puntland and SSC-Khaatumo, envisioning a future brimming with collaboration and unity. I delve into the shared history and cultural ties that connect the communities of these regions, highlighting the collective efforts against external threats and the aspirations for self-determination. I articulate a vision of strategic collaboration across essential sectors such as security, economic development, education, and governance.

It's crucial for Puntland and SSC-Khaatumo citizens to understand the challenges and opportunities in the transition of SSC-Khaatumo into an independent state. Puntland's support in this journey is paramount. The above potential partnership is presented as a beacon of hope for overcoming immediate challenges and fostering a future where both states stand as exemplars of unity, resilience, and prosperity in the Somali political landscape.

Abdirahman Abdulle, Ed.D,

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA,

Email: [email protected],


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