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A Hopeful Pact: Somalia and Turkey's military accord holds promise

Sunday February 25, 2024
By Imam Abdullahi Nuur Abdul Fadli

Turkish military officers pictured during the opening ceremony of a Turkish military base in Mogadishu

The military agreement between Somalia and Turkey is a significant step forward for both nations. Firstly, such agreements foster cooperation and solidarity between countries, especially in regions with prevalent security challenges. With its history of instability and ongoing security concerns, Somalia benefits immensely from Turkey's expertise and support in building and strengthening its military capabilities.

Moreover, Turkey's involvement in Somalia's military development signifies a commitment to peace and stability in the region. By providing training, equipment, and strategic assistance, Turkey can help Somalia better tackle security threats such as terrorism, piracy, and internal conflicts. This partnership not only enhances Somalia's ability to protect its citizens but also contributes to regional security efforts, which are crucial for stability and development.

Furthermore, the agreement is mutually beneficial. It allows Turkey to extend its influence and presence in the Horn of Africa, which can serve its strategic interests in the region. Additionally, by supporting Somalia's military capacity-building efforts, Turkey can establish itself as a reliable partner and ally, furthering its diplomatic objectives.

The military agreement between Somalia and Turkey could potentially influence Ethiopia's desire for access to the Somali Sea in several ways. Firstly, the agreement may contribute to greater stability and control over Somali territorial waters by enhancing Somalia's military capabilities and strengthening its security infrastructure. This increased stability could alleviate concerns in Ethiopia about the security risks associated with accessing the Somali Sea for trade and maritime activities.

Secondly, the partnership between Somalia and Turkey could foster closer diplomatic ties between the two countries, leading to increased cooperation and collaboration on regional security issues. This could include joint efforts to combat piracy, terrorism, and other threats in the region, which would benefit not only Somalia but also neighboring countries like Ethiopia.

Overall, I believe the military agreement between Somalia and Turkey represents a positive step towards strengthening security cooperation and fostering stability in the region. It has the potential to bring about tangible improvements in Somalia's security landscape while also serving the strategic interests of both nations.     

The author of this piece is an Imam and community activist based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  


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