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Somaliland President welcomes anyone who can bring peace to Las Anod.

Wednesday March 15, 2023


Hargeisa (HOL) - Somaliland's President Muse Bihi Abdi has acknowledged for the first time that the Las Anod conflict is an unexpected and unfortunate crisis and that his administration is prioritizing finding a peaceful solution despite local and international pressure.

On February 6, elders from the Sool region announced that they formed a semi-autonomous state administered by Somalia rather than Somaliland following an increased killing in the disputed Las Anod town.

"We believe the solution lies within Somaliland. They are Somaliland citizens who belong to the government. They need to be heard, and as a government, we are prepared," he said.

Somaliland has claimed its forces are fighting "international terrorist groups planning on creating insecurity and instability" in Las Anod. It warned that the violence in Las Anod is threatening the region's stability.

The elders in Las Anod have stated that they are not terrorists and have elected 45 members to govern the area. They have urged Somaliland to withdraw its forces.

Despite this, President Bihi Abdi expressed optimism that an agreement will be reached, and he welcomes anyone who can participate in bringing peace to the town.

On the other hand, President Bihi Abdi also emphasized that the law requires a new president to be elected every five years, despite the fact that he was recently extended for two years. He is waiting for the committee to present the method and date for the election. 

The terms of the three parties have expired, and they will be unable to participate in elections until they are re-elected. Ten organizations are ready to emerge as official parties, he added.


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