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Jail for man who stepped off Dublin train with drugs into arms of gardaí in Cork

Wednesday June 29, 2022

Judge Hayes said it was rare to find someone with so many previous drug supply convictions

The court heard Abdullah Abdi was met at Kent Station by the gardaí carrying €3,800 worth of heroin and €253 of cocaine. File picture: Dan Linehan

A 44-year-old man carrying heroin and cocaine stepped off the Dublin train into the arms of gardaí in Cork and now he has been jailed for two-and-a-half years.

Abdullah Abdi with an address at Gardiner Street, Dublin, was sentenced at Cork Circuit Criminal Court by Judge Dara Hayes to a period of four-and-a-half years with the last two years suspended.

Defence barrister Dermot Sheehan emphasised the tragic early life for Mr Abdi in Somalia and he asked for a sentence that would allow the accused to get treatment.

Judge Hayes referred to the fact that the accused man had not one but several previous drug-dealing convictions and said it was rare to find someone with so many previous supply convictions.

“The probation officer noted a significant downplaying of his role in his offences. He accepted that he was carrying the drugs for someone else and was to get some small reward for doing so.

“In this case, he pleaded guilty to possession of heroin and cocaine for sale or supply on December 9, 2020. He travelled from Dublin to Cork. He was met at Kent Station by the gardaí. He had €3,800 worth of heroin and €253 of cocaine and a small amount of cannabis for own use.

“He said he was paid in heroin or in cash for bringing a small packet and he did not know what was in it. The accused had been living on streets of Dublin,” Judge Hayes said.

He had six previous convictions for having drugs for sale or supply. Mr Sheehan BL said the accused has a chronic brain tumour and had been living in quite awful conditions on the outskirts of Dublin city centre.

Judge Hayes said: “He displayed the need and want to address his many issues. He is a refugee from Somalia. His mother was killed in that conflict. He came to Ireland as a teenager. He is now 45.

“He is deemed a very high risk of reoffending due to his lack of pro-social reports and significant level of drug use. He is on 85 mls of methadone in prison. He has engaged for a drug treatment programme in Dublin.

“He plans to re-engage with the support services. He requires significant intervention. His role was at a low level but is nonetheless important in allowing drugs to be moved in and around the country, including Cork.”


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